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DobDive doo

DobDive doo

  • We are a startup and looking for enthusiasts to start to grow with us. We are customer service support team that is focused on USA and European market. Want to be a part of this journey with us? Want to be treated as a part of a family and start your day with a coffee with colleagues? Want to smile and have fun while working? Want to work for a company that will value your experience? Want to work for a company where you will gain new experience and where your opinion matters? If only one of the answers is YES - than come and have a conversation with us. It does not matter if job vacancy expired, we will be happy to meet you, just send us an email to [email protected] Candidates that join in first groups will also have an opportunity for career growth very soon, especially with leadership positions. Check out our company pages on Instagram, FB and LinkedIn below:
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