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Privredno društvo White Lemur d.o.o.

Privredno društvo White Lemur d.o.o.

  • Our creative studio focuses on 3D, furniture and graphic design, specialising in travel retail, in-shop communication and interior. Our team of in-house designers executes all your ideas, whether it is the initial phase of interior or retail design, or innovative logo and branding needs. We will brainstorm with your marketing teams to upgrade new visual platforms that set the tone for the physical design of a memorable in-store experience for your customers. For the next stage of creative process, we offer technically feasible renders, modelling and layout proposals, making sure to follow any safety guidelines. 3D is a key stage between ideas and production and eliminates any guesswork. If you have an idea for an in-shop promotion and want to see how it translates into reality, our 3D designing team will make your vision tangible. Our technical drafting services division focuses on the development of accurate as-built drafting products and services. We provide full technical documentation for production. This phase requires precision and we will ensure our detailed documentation meets the strict production criteria. Our designers can also pen installation drawings using nothing but certified materials. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, quality and versatility. As our portfolio continues to grow and expand, we have established supportive and cooperative role with Serbian, Swiss and Macedonian designing and manufacturing companies that enables us to always continue delivering top-grade projects to our respected clients, managing every aspect of the journey from idea, design, prototyping, project management, manufacturing, logistics and installation.
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