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***Notice: GET PAID for referring this job posting***

If you are not qualified for this job but know someone who is, refer them to this job posting and get PAID €300 if they get hired!

Job title: Sales Copywriter

PAY: €1000 - €2500 / month

Required: The candidate hired must speak fluent English.

Job Description: Write persuasive copy and scripts that will be used on our website pages, emails, long-form video advertorials, and presentations - all with the goal of persuading interested potential customers into actually purchasing our product.

About Us: We’re a young, energetic, and fast-paced startup from Canada with offices in Belgrade, Serbia. We’re a team of people who believe great things can be done with great people. We don’t care about what you know - we care about what you can do. We offer an awesome environment to work in. We keep the fridge and shelves stocked with food and drinks, we encourage our team members to relax and have fun throughout the day, we have a Playstation 3, and even a relaxing hammock in our office!

We understand people can have multiple different skillsets, and we encourage you to show that! You might be great at this position, but you might also have other very different skill-sets too, and we love to see that. We love seeing others advance in their career and grow within our company.

We are also a very transparent company. We constantly encourage our team to think about new ideas and provide feedback that can contribute to the success of the entire business.

What We Do: We are an online education based business. We teach our students how they can start a online social media marketing business to become entrepreneurs and generate an income online. We sell our digital informational products (digital courses) to our customers worldwide using an automated webinar.

For more information on what we do check out these links:

YouTube Channel:

Free Training (Automated Webinar):

30 Day SMMA (Training Program):


About the Role/What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Writing email campaigns that will be mass-sent to people that have showed significant interest in our info-product course but haven’t purchased it yet, giving them that extra push they need!

  • Writing scripts for video ads. These videos are usually 2-5 minutes long. We do a lot of paid-traffic advertising in the format of video through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc so you will write engaging scripts that will need to excite NEW people about this amazing opportunity, and get them interested enough to want to learn more about it.

  • Writing VSL’s (video-sales-letters) scripts for our other info products. These are usually 5-15 minutes long. These videos are shown to our customers right after they purchase the first product, or in some instances a few days later. Fundamentally, these are sales scripts that need to be persuasive and really emphasize pain points the customer still might be facing, and then guide them towards the solution which is our other product(s).

  • Writing engaging & exciting creative mini-stories to get people to WANT to read. This type of copy will be used for sending out to our email list, as well as long-form text ads.

Who We Are Looking For: The ideal candidate will have previous sales copywriting experience and know how to sell through impactful copy. About 80% of the time you will be writing sales/persuasive copy and 20% of the time you will be writing more creative/story telling copy.

We are NOT looking for a primarily creative writer. We are looking for someone that can write persuasive copy and ad scripts. Someone who is talented at connecting with the problems and fears another individual might have, and breaking those down. You should have the ability to script together words and sentences that will show the individual those fears & untrue beliefs they have are holding them back from achieving their ultimate success.


This is a full-time position with long term opportunity to stay and grow with our company.  This is not a dead end position will you will be repeating the same boring tasks over and over. This is a dynamic role as is our entire company where things will be fast paced, with tight deadlines and there will be a lot of moving parts.  


If you are ready to join our team, please apply by using link below:


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