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Senior Hotel Photographer/fotograf

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preko 120000 din

Place of working: Rhodes Island,  Greece.

Working period: From  May until  October - November 2022

Complete CV with photo - English/Serbian

Character profile:

Positive and outgoing attitude, dynamic, self-motivated ,ambitious ,responsible, organised, tidy, team oriented.

Job description

Taking photos of hotel guests during a dinner time, in front of the main restaurant and other areas, then selling photos ( displayed on boards ) next morning during a breakfast time, at same place, single and team work.

Approaching the guests with professional attitude, making good impression, suggesting, informing and asking to have their photographs taken (families, couples, singles, groups).

Working in various hotels, different locations

7 Hours of active work in Hotel, rest of time spending in duties, coming to office, short meeting, job organising,       transporting (driving) to hotel and back.

Duration of training course: 6 - 8 days.

Needed Job skills are mostly selling / communication / interpersonal skills . 

Photography is a learned and  trained skill.       


Intermediate - Advanced English speaking, preferred languages are German, French, Polish, Italian, Russian

Driving license: B category - Active driver

Smoking is forbidden in working hours.

Alcohol and Drugs are not allowed.

Working experience for Senior Photographer:

At least one season ( contract ) of 5-7 months as a Hotel Photographer or  Cruise ship Photographer , at least one year as Event Photographer  ( good result , performance  and effectiveness proved by  references / recommendation letters / contracts ).

Fixed Salary 27 EUR daily  + Sales Commission.

Possibility to earn in total monthly from  1.500 EUR up to 2.200 EUR

Bonus of 400 EUR at the end of finished season /  job agreement.

Opportunity to promote to a Higher category of Senior Photographer

Day off: One  every week  or three times monthly.

Medical insurance cover

Photo Equipment / Cars : Provided by Employer 

Accommodation :

One comfortable studio apartment for one person , with A/C, small kitchen, bathroom, balcony, available internet.

Employee - photographer  it's paying 100  EUR monthly

Food and Drinks not provided.
Please Visit : https://www.flickr.com/photos/timephotographyhotel/

Selected candidates for a job interview will be contacted ( by phone, Viber, WhatsApp or email ) in approximately 10 days from the day of applying."

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preko 120000


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