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Dear candidates,  

Hello from the international team of HAIXUN (HX) TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. the leading European customer service center for Neptune SECURITIES Ltd. in Europe. 

HAIXUN (HX) TECHNOLOGY hopes we are looking for each other! 

We are an internationally well-established company with the head office located in Sydney, Australia since 2009. Neptune SECURITIES Ltd. is an Australian leading financial provider involving online financial and trading services. HAIXUN (HX) TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. is an established branch office, that together with our Serbian partners focuses on international financial services, consulting, capital management, and other services. Relying on the professional service experience of the Headquarters in Sydney, we have won many milestone trophies in the industry for the past decade and are well known as one of the leaders in the sector. HX will adhere to the development plan of the Australian headquarters and continue maintaining the flawless reputation of the company. HX is highly interested in expanding our international team and we are ready to welcome you to our team! Our new branch office is located in the heart of New Belgrade and we suggest a friendly, sustainable, unique ground for professional growth, and development and a good opportunity of getting fine income during the times when the world is not exactly too stable. We are looking for intelligent candidates with a high level of English language skills, the flexibility of mind, and the ability to perceive and learn new information quickly. Our management and financial experts’ team are multinational veterans who have been operating in the field of investment for more than 12 years.


  1. HAPPY working environment
    HX provides free professional financial training courses. Regardless of whether you have experience in the financial industry, or not, our experts will make sure you are welcomed in the sector and will get the highest quality of our free in-house VIP training to enable the candidates to start working quickly and achieve outstanding results. (*Please, understand, the information you will receive is highly confidential according to the industry standard.)    
    HX’s professional culture is the banner of the industry. We provide and cover all formal successful partners traveling expenses, exchange industry knowledge, and invite you to concerts, wine parties, and other high-end social and cultural activities.     
  3. HX follows international holiday standards, respects and welcomes ALL cultures, beliefs, nationalities, and backgrounds, and arranges vocational breakaways and entertaining activities to enhance professional and inner states to their best.    
  4. HX is a new type of family business, and you are very welcome here if you are a leading talent during the training and achieve high results in work afterward. We are founded on the principle of the corporate spirit, and we do value your skills, brain strength, and motivation to succeed through the promotional model of cooperation. Your effort is always counted here. The resultative effort is highly appreciated in every way you can imagine! We suggest quarterly promotion assessments and annual opportunities for promotion between the headquarters and branch offices.  


  1. PROFICIENT ENGLISH! Writing, reading, expression. Please, do not worry about the industry technical language. We suggest a very unique approach to both, training and working methodology, which will allow you, in case of successful training, to adopt and learn step by step.    
    Microsoft and Adobe Packages, social networks, Web browsing, research, and usage.   
  3. ABILITY FOR TEAM COOPERATION fused with the ABILITY TO WORK INDEPENDENTLY. CONSCIOUSNESS! INITIATIVE, SELF MANAGEMENT, clear understanding of delegating and fulfilling the teams' needs.    
  5. STRONG ABILITY TO HELP, ASSIST and support each other. WE DO NOT COMPETE. We ELEVATE each other. Helping and sharing is truly a policy over here! We are helping each other, and sharing with our customers all around the world to achieve sustainable and bright results together. 


CS (Customer Service Sales Managers): 

Probation period (1 month) 650-800 EUR + potential high customers service bonus. After the first month, we offer the opportunity of generous customer service bonuses.  

POSSIBLE PROMOTIONS after successful results!

TEAM MANAGER: Probation period (1 month) 900 EUR + potential high bonus from your team's customers.

The formal salary after the probation period is successfully over is 1100 EUR plus the opportunity of a generous bonus from your team's customers.


Salary, commission and bonus, specific salary, benefits package and opportunities come together with the highest interview standard. The candidates will be interviewed individually and must be ready to meet the highest interview standards. The candidates will be interviewed individually and must be ready to meet the top criteria of the management field.

Please send your resume (CV) in English to the provided Email address: xaixun.technology@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing your bright resumes and meeting you in person for a happy and mutually beneficial professional cooperation.

Warm regards, and good luck :)

HAIXUN (HX) TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd., in partnership with Neptune SECURITIES.

Human Resources Department.

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