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Backend Developer

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Rok za prijavu: OGLAS JE ISTEKAO (postavljen: 14-06-2013)
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Oglas važi za gradove: Novi Sad

We are searching for a Backend Developer as a full time employee located in Novi Sad, Serbia.

You will be part of a remote team of developers who will work directly with our Danish client and will be helping in the development of a special content management system for easy website creation.

If you have experience in .NET and MS SQL server this position is right for you. You will have the chance to work in a unique SQL server setup handling thousands of clients, this way improving your database tuning skills. You will be able to gain experience how to work in an international team with highly skilled people.

The project you will be working on is a complex service that has been developed for years and not just a temporary project that will finish in a couple of months. It is crucial that you have excellent communication skills and a good understanding of international business relations that will enable you to communicate clearly by Skype, telephone and e-mail. If the software architecture and the quality of the code are important things for you, we will be happy to hear from you.

Važno: ne vrši posredovanje u zapošljavanju i ne učestvuje u procesu selekcije kandidata u Srbiji i inostranstvu. nije odgovoran za dalji proces prilikom selekcije, kasnije i stupanja u radni odnos, odnosno ugovora sa poslodavcem.

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Alas DOO

Zrenjanin, Dimitrija Tucovica 64

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