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Business Plan Writer

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Partners&Orka advertising agency, for the company  LLC Joorney searching for a motivated candidate to take the challenge and to successfully fulfil the position of: BUSINESS PLAN WRITER


Location: Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 28, Belgrade



Do you have outstanding English writing skills, a talent for numbers and an interest in the world of business? We have full-time, office-based positions for you!

Who are you?

  • A global-minded college graduate with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • An experienced writer with a passion for business

Come with your skills and enthusiasm. We welcome everyone with a passion for writing and a desire to build a career in the business advisory world. Join our great team of writers, business consultants and start-up advisors!

In this job, you will use our process and tools to:

  • Research and analyze a wide range of industries, businesses and business models as you help our clients with business plans for their new or expanding businesses
  • Create full business plans and financial statements for start-up companies or businesses moving into an expansion phase

Apply only if you meet these minimum requirements:

  • An impeccable international-level written business English
  • A 4-year University degree, with a preference for applicants with an economics/business degree and applicants with a linguistics/philology degree


Equivalent direct entrepreneurial or corporate business experience, which has provided you with

  • an interest and a craving to learn more about different business models and industries
  • an ability to quickly understand and analyze various business activities through provided documents and additional research

Additional Skills:

We also appreciate your proficiency in:

  • Microsoft Word – especially as used to prepare reports and presentations
  • Microsoft Excel – especially with its formulas and business functionalities
  • Internet-based research and similar research tools
  • Fast keyboard typing

Working hours:

·         Beginning of each working day: by your choice at any time between 10h and 14h;

·         End of each working day: 8 hours after starting

If you believe you have these skills and knowledge, apply for our BUSINESS PLAN WRITER position.

Apply with your CV and a brief cover letter stating why you are interested in this type of position, and why you are the right person for the job. Both the CV and a brief cover letter have to be prepared in English language in order for the application to be considered!


Candidates who submit applications by email agree that they can use their data for selection and forwarding purposes personnel within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act.

Send your application and CV to: [email protected]

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