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C# Client Side Developer

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Prognosis is a company specialized in developing web and mobile applications. Our clients include several companies from USA, Canada ans Sweden. We have won their trust by developing high quality application on time and within scheduled budgets. We have been able to produce that high quality software thanks to our main strength - our team. Prognosis is a place that provades opportunities for constant professional development in supportive atmosphere. 

We are always looking for people who are eager to take on new challenges, to grow with the team, and to take a part in building next generation of web and mobile applications.

C# Windows headless client and Client Side Developer - Multi-Threading, Real-Time

C# Client Side/Back End (no GUI involved), Multi-Threading Developer/Programmer with experience building applications/Systems from scratch is needed that specialise in producing Real-Time Applications This is a start-up company with in-house product (not outsourcing project).

You will join a team of passionate software developers to build Real-Time windows desktop application from scratch. You will be heavily involved in all areas of the Software Development Life Cycle. Any experience in Architecture, Algorithms and Networking (e.g. TCP/IP) is highly beneficial. 

This role will suit a passionate developer who wants to learn new skills, be a part of an innovative and successful company, whilst being exposed to the Full Software Development and having multiple responsibilities within the company. You should wish to remain hands on in your role and be career driven within the development field. As a C# Client Side Developer within this company, you will take part in various decisions and also design meetings.

C# Client Side/Back End Developer - Multi-Threading, Real-Time


    • C# Server Side/ Back End Development - Must Have
    • Experience building Systems or Applications from scratch - Must Have
    • Experience developing large systems/working with lots of data - Must Have
    • Multi-Threading - Must Have
    • Problem solving skills - Must Have
    • Experience working on multiple databases (SQL, Oracle etc.) - Beneficial
    • Experience in Networking (E.g. TCP/IP) - Beneficial
    • Experience with Open Source - Beneficial
    • Experience in Architecture - Beneficial
    • Experience in designing network protocols - Beneficial
    • Experience working with or analysing Algorithms - Beneficial
    • Interested in learning new skills - Must Have
    • At least two years' work experience (Senior and Junior Applicants welcome) - Must Have
    • Passionate about development and technology - Must Have

This is a truly exciting and unique opportunity to join a new startup making in-house product in Novi Sad. By working in this environment you will benefit from excellent technical progression and development. As well as gaining a greater insight into the development of Real-Time Systems from scratch. You will be heavily involved in company meetings so discuss and design new systems and products. Project is well documented and in the early phase, real coding is about to start. 

C# Server Side, Back End, Developer, Programmer, Multi-Threading, Architecture, Real-Time, Low Latency, Networking, TCP/IP, SQL, Algorithms.

Važno: ne vrši posredovanje u zapošljavanju i ne učestvuje u procesu selekcije kandidata u Srbiji i inostranstvu. nije odgovoran za dalji proces prilikom selekcije, kasnije i stupanja u radni odnos, odnosno ugovora sa poslodavcem.

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