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Customer Support Representative-Portuguese

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Rok za prijavu: OGLAS JE ISTEKAO (postavljen: 03-06-2015)
Oglas pregledan: 380 puta
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Oglas važi za gradove: Beograd

The position requires a strong customer service background, as well as basic computer knowledge. The person must be detail oriented, flexible, speak, understand and write conversational English and either German,Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, French, Polish, Swedish, Flemish, Arabic or Finnish.  Work includes updating website content on numerous sites, answering customer support calls via the phone (Phone is voice-over IP software installed on PC), live chat and email. It also may include other minor jobs as necessary. You will work closely with a team of Customer Service professionals to ensure all daily requirements at the sites are met.

Work experience:

Although no previous experience is necessary for this position, we would prefer applicants who are familiar to some extent with website administration, and who have previously interacted with customers in some capacity.

Skills & knowledge:

Some knowledge of system administration would be helpful but not absolutely necessary.
Must be detail oriented, able to work a very flexible schedule, and have strong Customer Service skills.
Must be okay with working with some adult oriented content
Excellent written and spoken English and either German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish,Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, French, Polish, Swedish, Flemish,  Arabic or Finnish fluently. This requirement is absolutely necessary for this job.


$500 USD/ month


Apply here:

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First Beat Media is the parent company of many subsidiary companies. One of our main focuses is niche online dating. We take pride in our huge portfolio of sites and love connecting people of all sorts of backgrounds via our dating platforms.

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