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Rok za prijavu: OGLAS JE ISTEKAO (postavljen: 18-08-2014)
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Oglas važi za gradove: Beograd

We are looking for a person who is hard working and well organized for full time employment. This person will be responsible for grabbing data from various sources and filling excel doc with them.

Requirements and skills:

Fluent in English (advanced level);
Working knowledge MS Excel;
Ability to work in a team environment;
Be comfortable working with mature content;
Detail oriented
Flexible and quick learner;


Work remotely from home;
Working hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm EST (14-22h CET), Friday 4am-12pm (10-18h CET) ;
Long-term, full-time employment;
Opportunity for growth and promotion;
Salary is US $500/month

Bonus skills (not required)

Internet experience



Apply here:

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First Beat Media is the parent company of many subsidiary companies. One of our main focuses is niche online dating. We take pride in our huge portfolio of sites and love connecting people of all sorts of backgrounds via our dating platforms.