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Developer ( 3 positions)

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Rok za prijavu: OGLAS JE ISTEKAO (postavljen: 17-07-2015)
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Job Description

A developer has 2+ years of experience developing LAMP (Drupal preferred) applications. This person can code custom modules according to coding standards and best practices. They can test the quality and security of the code they write and will often handle complicated backend tasks such as migration, search customization, and web service programming. The position requires exceptional programming skills, problem solving abilities and an eye for detail. The successful candidate will be responsible for taking a web project from the development phase to the final product.

  • Daily responsibilities
  • Technical skills should include web development and experience with: PHP, MySQL, Apache, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and/or similar technologies.
  • A high degree of team work
  • Commitment to excellence
  • A passion for open source and Drupal
  • Builds custom modules and libraries.
  • Builds secure, scalable backend solutions for our clients.
  • Writes database queries and logic.
  • Export and configuration of Features, Installation Profiles, and variables to support their code.
  • Investigates problems with community modules and patches as required.



Važno: ne vrši posredovanje u zapošljavanju i ne učestvuje u procesu selekcije kandidata u Srbiji i inostranstvu. nije odgovoran za dalji proces prilikom selekcije, kasnije i stupanja u radni odnos, odnosno ugovora sa poslodavcem.

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FFW Agency

Novi Sad, Antona Čehova 7

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We believe in innovative technology and use it effectively to create digital solutions that deliver results. With over 400 employees and a strong commitment to the Drupal CMS, we are the largest Drupal agency in the world. We are also experts in working with a variety of other platforms, including Sitecore, Wordpress, Android, and iOS. Our experienced technical teams and refined development processes ensure consistent delivery of the most complex solutions in the industry.

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