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Full Stack Digital Marketer

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**Notice: GET PAID for referring this job posting***

If you are not qualified for this job but know someone who is, refer them to this job posting and get PAID €300 if they get hired!

PAY: €1000 - €2500+ or more for the right candidate!

Required: The candidate hired must speak fluent English.

Job Description: This is a position where it is your DUTY to drive traffic and most importantly REVENUE using the power of the internet. It will be your job to come up and execute campaigns & ideas that will provide a positive ROI on our direct-response marketing efforts. However if you have little experience with this, you still might an intelligent individual that may be able to help us with our other marketing efforts!


About Us: We’re a young, energetic, and fast-paced startup from Canada with offices in Belgrade, Serbia. We’re a team of people who believe great things can be done with great people. We don’t care about what you know - we care about what you can do. We offer an awesome environment to work in. We keep the fridge and shelves stocked with food and drinks, we encourage our team members to relax and have fun throughout the day, we have a PlayStation 3, and even a relaxing hammock in our office!

We understand people can have multiple different skill sets, and we encourage you to show that! You might be great at this position, but you might also have other very different skill-sets too and we love to see that. We love seeing others advance in their career and grow within our company.

We are also a very transparent company. We constantly encourage our team to think about new ideas and provide feedback that can contribute to the success of the entire business.

What We Do: We are an education based business. We teach our students how they can start an online social media marketing business to become entrepreneurs and generate an income online. We sell our digital informational products (digital courses) to our customers worldwide using an automated webinar.

For more information on what we do check out these links:

YouTube Channel:

Free Training (Automated Webinar):

30 Day SMMA (Training Program):


About the Role/What You’ll Be Doing:

  1. Creating & optimizing ads & setting up campaigns on AdWords and Facebook
  2. Managing an ad spend of $10,000 or more per day
  3. Exploit new traffic sources
  4. Setup email marketing campaigns/email sequences
  5. Coming up with new marketing angles/campaigns
  6. Perform on page optimization/split tests
  7. Creating landing pages & sales pages with ClickFunnels
  8. Build out automation sequences using Zapier & ActiveCampaign
  9. Come up with & executive creative ways to DRIVE MORE REVENUE.

Who We Are Looking For: We are looking for someone that can DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC AND REVENUE. As an internet marketer, that should be your primary goal. You should also have an entrepreneurial spirit, and be someone who is always thinking about new creative approaches, wants to explore new traffic sources, new campaigns - basically someone who wants to test and try out so many different things but there is simply not enough time in the world! We are looking for a growth hacker. We are looking for someone intelligent, who knows what they’re doing (at least to some degree!) and can deliver upon it. We understand this is a big role so the ideal candidate should be able to cast a wide net across the digital marketing field, however even if you are REALLY GOOD at only ONE thing, we still recommend you to apply!

This is a full-time position with long term opportunity to stay and grow with our company.  This is not a dead end position will you will be repeating the same boring tasks over and over.


If you are ready to join our team, please apply using the link below:


Važno: ne vrši posredovanje u zapošljavanju i ne učestvuje u procesu selekcije kandidata u Srbiji i inostranstvu. nije odgovoran za dalji proces prilikom selekcije, kasnije i stupanja u radni odnos, odnosno ugovora sa poslodavcem.

Kandidati koji prijave prosleđuju putem elektronske pošte saglasni su da se njihovi podaci mogu koristiti za potrebe selekcije i prosleđivanja kadrova u smislu Zakona o zaštiti podataka o ličnosti.

Napomena: Svi izrazi, pojmovi, imenice, pridevi i glagoli u oglasima, koji su upotrebljeni u muškom rodu, odnose se bez diskriminacije i na osobe ženskog pola i obrnuto (osim ukoliko specifičnim zahtevima posla nije drugačije propisano).

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