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LV and MV Engineer Designer

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Electrical Engineer

LV and MV Engineer Designer

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About our company:

Ludan Engineering D.o.o is a leading provider of complete multidisciplinary solutions for industrial and environmental projects and specific applications of industrial know-how for the following industries: chemical and petro-chemical, refinery, power, pharmaceutical, fertilizers, agriculture, food and beverages. The company offers various services from conceptual engineering, feasibility studies and financing to basic and detailed design, permits and licenses, procurement, construction and commissioning, assuring the best performance guarantees.


Web presentation:


Areas of experience:

-          Planning and elaboration of the basic concepts of electrical distribution

-          Establishment of the project definition basis

-          Development, coordination and supervision of project activities for the electrical part within the team

-          Designing the motor installations

-          Designing the electrical distribution

-          Designing the earthing and lightning protection

-          Lighting design

-          Designing the low voltage installations

-          Coordination and / or development of specific activities of all types for the electical part in accordance with the contents of each project

-          Coordination with suppliers of equipment, review of supplier documentation, preparation of comparative tables for equipment selection

-          Control of the final decisions and documents

-          Coordination with the client

-          Project control and supervision

-          Harmonization of documents related to the design with other disciplines involved in the project

-          Excellent knowledge of the necessary standards and regulations

-          Exposure and work in AUTOCAD 2D package

-          Production (industrial) experience is an advantage




-          Bachelor in electrical engineering  (power engineering)

-          License 350 / 450

-          Advanced written and spoken English

-          Minimum 3 years of working experience in the process industry ( Refineries, Petrochemicals, Chemical, Power)

-          Advanced computer skills ( business and expert applications  for the respective area the candidate is applying for)

-          Driving licence B




-          Work in a team of designers and contractors

-          Plan and organize work to meet schedules

-          Interact with other disciplines such as process, mechanical,       instrumentation, civil and firefighting

-          Attend project review meetings

-          Review project progress periodically and take corrective action

-          Maintain quality of deliverable

-          Act according to responsibilities and deadlines





All candidates should submit their CV and cover letter to the following e-mail address not later than 20.05.2013.

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