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.NET developer

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Rok za prijavu: OGLAS JE ISTEKAO (postavljen: 16-04-2014)
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NovaLite DOO is in a constant pursuit for new colleagues – IT experts. Currently we need a programmer experienced in .NET development.

What kind of a person are we looking for

In general, the person needs to be motivated, hard-working and ready to accept the commitment of a teamleadership. She/he needs to be communicative and have a good knowledge of English (both written and spoken).

The specific requirements needed, regarding knowledge, technologies and skills:

  • experience in object-oriented software development;

  • latest .NET technologies;

  • knowledge in relational DBMS (MSSQL server);

  • experience in any mobile platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) ;

  • skills in frontend development (HTML, Javascript, Jquery, CSS);

  • tendency towards agile software development.

NovaLite’s uniqueness as an employer

Being talented and experienced software developer, there are numerous other agile, smart and productive development teams you could work with. However, there are some points that make a programmer at NovaLite unique.

All our staff (except the office manager and office cleaner) write code: we are software developers first, and we cover all of the other roles and responsibilities according to our interests and skills. As a general rule, we do not employ non-coding project managers; we prefer that a senior developer takes on project management responsibility on a project.

We do the most of the work in our own office rather than on client-site. Our office is the perfect working environment for writing code. We all have powerful notebooks, access to mighty servers, plenty of space, it's quiet most of the time, and you can enjoy a really good coffee made traditional way or the instant one. We are very productive.

Our staff has the freedom to use their initiative and creativity to build cool stuff. There is also a opportunity to travel abroad, meet new people and places, adopt new ideas, broaden your horizons.

We have an informal working environment when we work in our office, because it is easier to work hard if you are comfortable. Jeans are fine if that's your thing, although half of us prefer to dress smart casual; no-one wears a suit, tie or pointed shoes. We like to relax on Friday at the end of the day, after work; we keep the fridge stocked with beer and wine.

Let's recap: NovaLite's organization, working environment and culture are designed by programmers for programmers. We are fortunate that this supports a profitable business model that makes this possible.



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