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Procurement and Supply Coordinator 

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Rok za prijavu: OGLAS JE ISTEKAO (postavljen: 02-11-2018)
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Job title / position:

Procurement and Supply Coordinator 

Work location:

Belgrade, Autoput za Zagreb I-13, blok 53 bb, Novi Beograd

Reporting to:

Livada Catering Director

Direct reports:


Job overview / purpose:

Procurment of all goods neccessary for smooth business operations based on diligent needs analysis.

Establishing and taking care of easy to follow work processes regulating coordination between different units (kitchen, warehouse, and delivery).

Mitigating and reporting on expenditures.


Key responsibilities and deliverables:


  • Working with staff and suppliers to source the right products on time and on budget;
  • Regularly working on forecasts and inventories making sure tight coordination between kitchen and delivery is in place and supervised;
  • Negotiating contracts with suppliers and customers;
  • Overseeing storage, handling of goods and delivery including monitoring warehouse organization, input and output;
  • Keeping an accurate record of the invoices and reporting on expenditures against claims and forecast;
  • Continuously improving supply management as well as warehouse management aiming to mitigate costs and maximize work efficiency.


Professional Qualifications

  • College Degree in Economy or Business
  • Minimum one year experience in procurement and supply, preferably in HoReCa sector
  • Solid command of English language
  • Excellent command of MS Office tools (Advanced Excel)

Key Performance Indicators

  • Delivery on time and on budget
  • Relevance and efficiency of developed processes and working procedures pertaining to procurement and supply
  • Employees and clients satisfaction

Personal attributes

  • Hardworking, organized, and goal oriented
  • Prompt but with attention to details
  • Strong communication skills
  • Enjoys dynamic working enviroment  

Work Equipment

  • Laptop
  • Mobile Phone Handset

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Livada d.o.o

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