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A word from our CEO 

“During the last 15 years, I devoted my career to understanding customer lifecycle and journey. My first job was as a call center agent. As I climbed up the ladder, I built a 360 view on the customer support process, including how it is really in customer's shoes.  It's not always about the products and services you can provide to your customers, but also about creating a powerful connection with them. Because of that, I broaden my views and learned to identify training and development needs through job analysis, quality evaluation and implementing great call center solutions. I had the pleasure to work in global markets and wonderful companies, and to lead their call centers. Check my Linkedin profile to get a full view of my experience.  What motivated me to found DobDive Company was to bring a fresh approach to customer support, share my knowledge with the upcoming generation of experts, and act as a true partner for our future clients.  I am very devoted to my team and proud of developing great team leaders and quality assurance specialists, and shaping some careers in a good way.”  

Dobrivoje Andrejić, CEO

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