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Backend developer poslovi

Pogledajte najaktuelnije backend developer poslove na našem sajtu i aplicirajte za it posao preko naše platforme.

Backend Developer

Postavljen od Partners&Orka

46 dana do isteka


80000-120000 din

 Partners & Orka,
licensed employment and human resources agency, for its renowned client, a
company from Niš that provides innovative services, is looking for a candidate
for an indefinite employment position in the position: 




Responsible, kind, dedicated
candidates are needed. 

Place of work: Niš – Serbia
[Not remote] 


Job description: 

We are looking for a Backend engineer who will support different
projects in the industry and fitness domain. This position enables learning of
advanced techniques required for developing and deploying complex
data-intensive applications, including big data and cloud technologies. This
role supports the expression of individual creativity in a strong
multidisciplinary team that designs and develops scalable end-to-end solutions. 

You will work collaboratively with software developers to deploy and
operate our core systems, help automate and streamline our operations and
process and build and maintain tools for deployment in different production


Required qualifications and skills:  

  • 1+ years of

· Good grasp of data structures 

· Understanding of design and architectural

· Experience with SQL and NoSql database 

· VCS (git)  

· Good written and spoken English 

· Good communication skills 

· Teamwork
and cooperation, responsibility, accuracy, reliability  


Nice to have:  

  • Bachelor degree in
        Computer Science 
  • Experience with
        Spring Boot 
  • Experience in Java
        or Kotlin 

· Experience with REST API, Auth 2.0 


The employer provides: 

· Employment contract and application; 

· Safety and health at work; 

· Working in a team of experienced engineers 

· Capability to grow as a professional 

· Long term stability 

· Using state of the art technologies 

· Ability to choose your tools / frameworks 


Salary will be determined
based on the knowledge and experience of the candidate. 


Agency services are free for candidates. 


Candidates who submit applications by e-mail agree that their data can
be used for the purposes of selection and forwarding of candidates on the basis
of the Law on Data Protection. 

Applications should be sent: 

to the e-mail address: resursi@partners-orka.co.rs  

or by phone: Viber +381606688905 

or fill out the form on our
website, at the following link:

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited.  

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Backend developer posao

U softverskom inženjerstvu, termini front end (prednji kraj) i back end (zadnji kraj) predstavljaju razlike između sloja prezentacije (front end), i sloja pristupa podacima (back end) jednog softvera, ili fizičkog dela, tj. hardvera. U klijent-server modelu, klijent uglavnom predstavlja front end, dok se server uglavnom smatra kao back end, čak i kada se neki poslovi prezentacijskog sloja rade na samom serveru.  

Pogledajte i kategoriju IT poslove i React JS poslovi 

Backend developer jobs

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