1 Oglasa za posao za grad Centar za populacione politike i odrzivi razvoj - CPPSD

Centar za populacione politike i odrzivi razvoj - CPPSD

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Oglasi Centar za populacione politike i odrzivi razvoj - CPPSD

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Administrativni asistent

Postavljen od Centar za populacione politike i odrzivi razvoj - CPPSD

29 dana do isteka


50000-80000 din

Administrative Assistant

Belgrade, SERBIA Service Contract English

Likely interview date will be sometime during Februay 15-20, 2023. The selected candidate is expected start work around first week of March 2023.


Since its foundation in 2002, CPPSD– IPPF member works towards achieving discrimination free, gender equal and pro-choice environment. We are strongly committed to gender equality, and to eliminating the stigma and discrimination, which leads to the widespread violation of health and human rights, particularly among women.

CPPSD – IPPF member aims to improve people’s quality of life through provision of services to vulnerable population and advocacy on local, national, and regional level. CPPSD defends the right of all people to enjoy sexual lives free from ill health, unwanted pregnancy, violence and discrimination.Since 2010, CPPSD is an Associate Member of International Planned Parenthood Federation – IPPF (EN)- www.ippfen.org, a global leader in providing reproductive health and human rights services, founded in 1952 and operating in 172 countries worldwide. CPPSD – IPPF member works in partnerships with communities, governments, other organizations and donors.

As an NGO, we are active in international setting, especially related to UN processes that emprise Millennium Development Goals and respectively Sustainable Development Goals.CPPSD is represented in Country Coordinating Mechanism - CCM, on behalf of the NGO sector from Belgrade, starting from 2005.ets management, monitoring, recording and disposal.

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